Friday, 27 February 2015

Touch of Tartan to keep you warm?

Hey everyone,
I've been seeing many people wearing tartan scarves all over the UK. Perhaps the trend has spread across the world?

Here are some outfits I've put together (using polyvore). They're what I've seen people wearing. Similar to those outfits I've been seeing on the street.
Link to the set itself:

Tartan is a very versatile print. With Scottish influence the print is timeless. It's a fabric that has been one for school uniforms. Not just kilts but, now a whole range of other items of clothing.
The most popular today being the Tartan/Plaid scarf.

Hope the outfits above help you style these scarves.
I'd suggest wearing them with block colours or take the colour in the scarf and add pieces the same shade to your outfit. Nearly everyone I have seen with a plaid scarf has a muted tone over sized look.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Over the knee boots-can you rock it?

Over-the-knee boots by Loewe, Hermes, Hussein Chalayan, and Louis Vuitton (in photo)

Long boots are really warm and cozy. Really long over knee boots are slightly hard to style? Maybe not.
Focus on a pretty top and skinny tights/pants to tuck into them. Let your legs do the taking this winter/fall while being warm.

This boot trend adds a bit of rock glam to your wardrobe. That will last till the boots fall apart.
Soft fabrics and leathers make really long boots able to bend at knee and comfortable to walk in. You'd think the material would damage quickly where limbs bend. Most likely they are double thick there and supported for amount of wear. 

Here are how some celebs wear these over knee boots:
Taylor Momsen

Hillary Duff

Jessica Alba
Emma Stone

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thrift shopping tips

Thrift shopping tips:

Thrift shopping is great for getting a bargain. Here are some tips to help you make the most of thrift shopping and looking great.

1-Make lists
List what you need to buy so you narrow your search and don't over spend.

2-Buy what you love
If you fall in love with a piece think how much use the item will give you. Putting it back can be risky as it can be sold to another. Remember it could be returned later.

3-Buy what looks good on you
Items look different on hanger than on you. So, try before you buy. Get a friends opinion or ask someone in the shop for a friendly opinion. (best not a shop worker as they just want a sale).

4-Shop Often
Different stock is put out regularly. One day you might find nothing and next week you find 3 pretty outfits. Consider thrift shopping as a fashion treasure hunt.

Consider how the item will take up room in your home. Is there space for another [insert item here].
Do you already have 5 similar to what you are thinking of buying? Maybe swap with friends and family or sell items to make room for this new purchase.

6-Be prepared
Many stores only except cash. Look in hidden places in store like at the back or high up...never know what gem you'll find. Check for sales regularly. Also when trying on lots of clothes, wear something easy to put on and take off. A slip on dress for example with ballet flats and no fiddly buttons and belts or laces. 

You might see a blue plain dress you think gives you great figure but it's not exciting so add some bows or buttons (some personality to it). Make clothing shorter and use cut of fabric for matching bag or headband. Many other ways...some vintage clothes have cute patterns on so you can cut the fabric to turn into other items or for other projects. DIY your finds.

Google where shops and markets that sell thrift style items are in your area. Look at car boot sales, markets and stores selling second hand or vintage items (even some antique shops). 
Not just look in highstreet or mall but, in quirky hidden away places. OR TRY A CHARITY SHOP.

9-If in doubt
If you are unsure if you wish to buy it then try it on if it's clothing or try to picture what you'd use it for and how many times you'd use it.
Try to picture the full outfit the new clothing will go with. Or imagine how the furniture will fit the room it will go in.

9-Check quality
Turn items inside out to see if they will last or are fraying for example. Furniture, you should check all draws and hinges to see if it is good condition. 
Look at items from all angles before you buy it. 

If you're in a market or charity shop or buying a lot of items try to get lower price by using your charm and haggling. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Retro 1950s swimwear

I know it's not really swimming season but, one can dream and always go to indoor pool.
Anyway I'm here to talk about the oh so nautical retro high rise bathing suit.They are beautiful 1950s trend that is hotting up today. They have a fun mix and match quality about them. Plus the often polkadot, stripe and floral prints are very nautical. Great for boat trips/cruises. 

You can find loads at,, and every typical vintage store.
This trend came in big 2012 but is still hot today.Rock a bikini with a slimming high waist and maybe some beautiful button or bow details.

Buttons on the thigh draw the eye up, making legs longer and bodies thinner and more hot. 
Pair with large sunhats and bold sunglasses, wedge sandals or flipflops for a beach vibe. Basically check out the images for ideas.

Here are some people (models) wearing this trend:

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pixie Perfect!

Hey everyone, it's Khaki here! How are you today? Anyway, I am posting on behalf of my fabulous Pixie Cut I got done way back in June! I have been thinking about posting this for forever and finally felt the need to do it now. So, yeah... 

Okay, first of all, there are many excuses people give as to why they shouldn't get a Pixie Cut. Sad, but so true. I am simply going to give you people an example and explain some things about the excuse. 

'The Pixie Cut' wont look good on me.'  This is the number one thing a person says when they are thinking about getting a Pixie Cut or not. This is like the worst excuse ever to be completely honest with you all. First off, how do you know if you never try? A Pixie Cut does take a lot of wit to get done because it is a short, short cut but there are many different styles of the cut. So, before you complain again like this, which I have actually done once before getting my Pixie Cut, note that if you have never tried, you don't know whether it looks good on you or not. 

The Pixie Cut is a 'risk' worth taking! I am serious! It really opened my eyes and boosted my confidence level a whole ass tone! I fricken love my short hair and it is much more easier to manage. :) Not just those things either though, but people can see that you are not hidden as much. 

Second of all, 'Dun, Dun, Dun...' There are some major misconceptions about getting a Pixie Cut. Here's a list: 

People think that it is too boyish. Can we rethink that? A Pixie Cut actually is one of the most feminine hair cuts for a lady there is! Wow, beat that! :)
'Pixie Cuts are for Lesbians.' If you thought this, you are absolutely wrong. There are celebrities that are straight up straight and have a cute Pixie Cut. What the hell were you thinking? Yeah, that's right. I forgive you! 

Shailene Woodley
Jennifer Lawrence
Halle Berry

Short hair doesn't grow back that fast. You would be surprised at how fast your hair grows back when it is that short. It grows back so much faster because you can see it.

Third. Lengths of Pixie Cuts! Not everyone like the Pixie Cut as short as Miley Cyrus. Some need it all a bit longer. I am going to make this easy for everyone, so pay extra close attention! (This post is already really long so just note them without seeing pictures.)

 Boy Cut Pixie Cut 
 Medium Shaved (Boy Cut Med.)
 Medium Long

This hairstyle is so very versatile that you can choose any way to style it with length.

Not only can you style your Pixie Cut with length, but with lovely accessories. :)

 Just wear some lipstick!
 Sculpt with gel a certain way.

I hope you see that you can dress up a short cut such as a cute Pixie with this post. I absolutely love my Pixie Cut and I hope you have enough courage like me to get one! If you have any other questions, please comment below and we can help you! :D 

The Pixie Cut is a very fresh, healthy, modern, and feminine cut that will suit anybody. Try it today so you will have the excuse later to say why you do love it! -Khaki 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Scarf and trousers matching

I was watching the Commonwealth games closing ceremony. One outfit stood out to me and that was the look of the famous singer Lulu was wearing.

The whole idea of matching a scarf to trousers/pants print seems classy. It's something I've never thought to do before and it works. However, finding scarf with same print as trousers can be tricky. Lulu also wore this easier to replicate outfit:
If you can't find prints that match then try bold colours instead. The concept of scarf and trousers matching is rather novel and to me screams autumn/fall.

Here are some other people wearing the scarf-trouser match look:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Coral Coloured Weddings

Lately this summer, I have seen the colour of Coral for bridesmaids a lot in weddings. This colour doesn't always mean 'under the sea' as many may think for a theme but it just looks nice I do suppose. As I wouldn't personally choose this colour for my wedding, maybe you might like it as it is extremely popular right now. The colour of Coral in a 'dark' or 'deep' shade is what many are choosing lately. I have passed by a wedding once when traveling to see a wedding crowd in the Coral shade. Below is one wedding of people that I know that recently got married in the past month this summer. ( Sad thing is though I never attended their wedding, I just got the pictures from Facebook.)

The dresses the bridesmaids are wearing are a 'bright' but 'deep' Coral shade and look so good with the gems and sequins that are decorating the top of the gowns. 
Here are some other pictures I pulled from the Internet. What do you think? Would you choose Coral for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

This colour is so summery and is perfect for a wedding outdoors. There are many styles as you all know for bridesmaids dresses and both long or short bridesmaids dresses with this colour can look good with your style of gown. Colours do matter when you want your gown to show. This colour makes the wedding 'warm' and doesn't take too much away from the 'glow' or 'shine' of the bride. Such a happy colour for a wedding this colour is! :) 

By the way, you don't have to have your wedding near a beach to wear this colour (but you probably knew that!) Just have it where you want because this colour is a magnificant shade for any place during the summer. 
I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy your summer! -Khaki :)